NURVV debuts 'running power' monitor

Friday, September 3, 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Wearable tech brand NURVV has unveiled what it calls a ‘landmark’ development in running technology, launching smart soles with 32 smart sensors to ‘accurately measure running power’ - a training metric the brand says has been rapidly growing in favor among athletes, but as of yet has not been accessible to runners of all skill levels.

According to NURVV, wrist-based running wearables use algorithms to measure running power, but the insoles measure it by ‘cross-analyzing a rich set of data collected at the foot using advanced biomechanical technology’. The brand says this ensures all runners have access to the training data, allowing them to ‘waste less energy, exert more control over their running technique, and be less prone to injury’. 
The running power metric is expressed in watts, and aims to provide runners with a way to measure the amount of physical work they’re doing rather than using traditional metrics to make what NURVV calls ‘basic assumptions’ about estimated power output.