OZ Sports and RVX Productions use AR to put fans back in stadiums

Thursday, May 14, 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Sport production platform OZ Sports has teamed up with RVX Productions - whose most recent work has been in Hollywood blockbuster movies - to produce an AR app, OZ ARENA, it claims will put fans in stadiums remotely.

The new solution, which also integrates into the wider OZ Connected Stadium product, will allow spectators to be dynamically added to live broadcasts with the use of augmented reality technology. 

The companies say that fans will pick their own avatars, wear their club’s shirt, and have their face painted, as well as even appearing in the stadium in their favourite seat. They can also participate either in audio-only format or with visual participation in the live broadcast.

“The idea is to protect the integrity and experience of the game, by turning the attention away from the empty stadium and instead replacing it with appealing surroundings to make the game more interesting, and as close to reality as possible,” said Gudjon Gudjonsson, CEO, OZ Sports.

“These are times to explore and experiment, to make sports even more appealing and to bring it closer to the latest developments in esports.”

Using the app, fans can add live audio to the broadcast, while servers aggregate all of the fan audio to manage volume levels. 

OZ Sports says the technology can either ‘augment spectators into existing empty stadiums,’ or ‘completely replace the stadium entirely’, as well as enable broadcast coverage to maintain crowd noises during behind-closed-doors games.