PT SportSuite launch Fan Challenge Platform

Thursday, December 17, 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

PT SportSuite has launched a new Fan Challenge Platform, aimed at providing new opportunities for clubs to increase fan and brand engagement during the lockdown period and beyond.

The web-based platform was unveiled in response to the restrictions that the coronavirus pandemic has had on fan participation, and adds to PT SportSuite’s growing community engagement offering, which includes in-app fan challenge and augmented reality modules.

Designed to integrate into existing web properties, the Fan Challenge Platform allows clubs to set branded content challenges for their fans, enabling the collection of UGC content while providing a new digital platform that offers more exposure for sponsors and brand partners.

“We’ve seen a trend within the industry to focus on fan engagement,” said Rich Cheary, CEO and Founder, PT SportSuite, an Official Partner of the Sport Industry Awards 2021. 

“Through our research we’ve found that fans are more willing to engage with sponsors or the club on a club’s own web or mobile app than on social media, where they stand to receive more reward for their engagement.”

“While I still believe in the value of social media as a platform to attract followers and promote engagement, clubs and leagues are realising the need to redirect social followers to their own web, app or video platforms. This provides the opportunity to provide a better, more innovative user experience than what is available on 3rd-party social platforms, better audience profiling, analytical data and revenue generation via direct sponsorship campaigns.

“Our Fan Challenge Platform concept is a simple one. We wanted to give leagues and clubs an opportunity to appeal to current and attract new community members on their own platforms, by allowing fans to submit their fan and brand stories, which usually go unseen or unnoticed. This engagement can be incentivised via sponsored rewards, forging better, more authentic connections between leagues, clubs, fans and sponsors, and giving loyal fans more reason to engage and participate outside of the stadium arena that is closed for the near future.”

These media submissions can then be published to a dedicated Fan Wall, giving community members an opportunity to connect and engage via shared experiences.