Samsung partners with Echelon to reach 20m TVs worldwide

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Samsung has partnered with digital at-home fitness brand Echelon, unveiling a new fitness solution which the brand says will reach 20 million TVs worldwide.

The collaboration aims to elevate the launch of Samsung Health for TV, an extension to the already-existing Samsung Health, which first launched in 2012 with the S Health app.

In early 2020, the brand unveiled the new Q950 TV, connected with Samsung Health, which the brand hopes will become “the central hub for mindfulness and fitness within the home”. It is also offering free trials as well as subscription programs are now on offer.

Alongside Echelon, Samsung has partnered with other wellness brands like Calm, Fitplan and Jillian Michaels to boost the platform, which is formed around the basis of expert-lead workout videos, which will include Echelon instructors.

Lou Lentine, President, Echelon, said: "We are excited to be part of Samsung Health - this is an amazing opportunity for Echelon and our Chattanooga and Miami instructors to host live fitness and wellness classes within homes around the world."

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