Samsung SmartSuit looks to bring Winter Olympic gold

09 Jan 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Samsung Benelux has unveiled the Samsung SmartSuit, that has a corresponding app, which has been used by the Dutch skating team ahead of the Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018.

The suit is made by Cheil Amsterdam in partnership with Samsung and will be worn by short trackers Sjinkie Knegt and Suzanne Schulting.

In the lead up to the Winter Games the suit was used by Knegt and Schulting to improve their ideal skating position whilst training. The pair are the only skaters in the world using the technology.

The suit comes with five sensors that help map body posture and calculates the distance from the skater’s hip to the ice. It is connected to an app on a smartphone, with coach Jeroen Otter able to receive the data in real-time. If the body position is not optimal, Otter can send a vibration by pressing a button and the skaters will feel this and will be able to adjust.

Thijs de Boer, executive creative director, Cheil Amsterdam: "As an agency it is incredible to create something in collaboration with your client that can truly improve the performance level of Olympic athletes. This concept allows us to achieve so much more than we would with a generic sponsor campaign."

Gerben van Walt Meijer, marketing manager mobile, Samsung Netherlands: "At Samsung we strive to make daily life easier with our innovations. To us this means our technical expertise can also help improve athletes' performances. With the introduction of the Samsung SmartSuit, we aim to lift Sjinkie and Suzanne’s performance to an even higher level and help them achieve their dream of winning an Olympic gold medal. We’re challenging them to go to the limit."

National coach Jeroen Otter commented: "By quantifying the posture we can train even more effectively. I notice that both Sjinkie and Suzanne already benefit from this unique innovation. At this level of athleticism it’s all about details. The training sessions with the Samsung SmartSuit and the direct feedback via the smartphone can make the difference between a gold or silver medal."

Sjinkie Knegt adds: "I’ve always used my gut feeling to estimate if I was bending deep enough. Working with the SmartSuit makes me more alert since my coach notifies me immediately if I have to bend deeper to reach my ideal posture."