See.Sense launches a bike light that learns your ride

07 Nov 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

Cycling technology company See.Sense has launched a Kickstarter for their new artificial intelligence (AI) activated bike light ACE.

More intelligent, more versatile and much more affordable than before - See.Sense has developed ACE from valuable customer feedback and have applied five years of research and development to bring ACE to market.

See.Sense ACE delivers a 125 lumens of brightness with a full 10-hour runtime. Using AI technology, ACE learns the cyclists riding style, optimising its brightness and flash patterns to improve visibility at every moment of the ride - reacting to roundabouts, road-junctions, filtering in traffic and approaching car headlights and more.

Featuring an all new processing engine with 46% more processing power and brand new digital signal processing, ACE monitors its environment and the cyclists behaviour hundreds of times a second using onboard sensors. This lets it use its AI capabilities to quickly identify and react to situations where improved visibility is needed - all the while managing its battery to give optimum performance.

With a team of dedicated and experienced in house app developers, See.Sense are releasing an all new free companion app for the ACE lights. This will provide individual insights about rides, as well as the ability to share anonymised, crowdsourced insights to help build safer infrastructure and create smarter cities.

The gadget will also tell cyclists loved ones if they have a crash, and protect their bikes if someone tries to either move or make off with their bike.

Complete with a new design and versatile clip mounting system, weighing 35g, ACE can also be mounted on panniers, aero posts, bags and jackets. Cyclists can alsotake advantage of ANT+ integration to control their lights from the latest Garmin EDGE cycle computers.

See.Sense launched the world’s first intelligent, daylight visible lights back in 2013 and every light they’ve launched since has been designed with a focus on daylight visibility.

Philip McAleese, CEO and co-founder said, “We are incredibly proud of ACE! ACE embodies five years of research and development along with ideas shared by our cycling community. We’ve created a bike light with cutting edge technology at a price point accessible for everyone. We are passionate about helping the global cycling community and we are particularly excited to work with cities around the world to help shape the future of cycling infrastructure using completely anonymised data from our customers.”