Shoes that let users feel VR

06 Jan 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

Japanese firm Cerevo has unveiled a set of VR shoes that allow the wearer to simulate a virtual setting.

Called Taclim, the idea behind the footwear is to provide a more immersive experience for those using VR.

The shoes and accompanying gloves use haptic functions, with the shoes able to duplicate the feel of walking on surfaces such as concrete, sand and water. There are eight different ‘tactile devies’, which inclues three in each shoes, and one in each glove.

Cerevo states: “Imagine walking in a VR game and kicking enemy character: When you hit the enemy’s body, it naturally feels soft, and when you hit enemy’s shield, it feels hard. By using your own hands and feet, your whole body is completely immersed in another world, giving you experiences only made possible by Taclim’s interactive tactile devices.”

The company developed the Taclim in collaboration with Japan’s Nidec Seimitsu Corporation, which specialises in haptic components.