Soccerment unveil data capturing shinguards

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Soccerment has announced the official release of its smart data capturing shin guard technology.

Soccerment’s smart shin guards use artificial intelligence techniques to track every action performed by the wearer during a game of football, including passes attempted, shots attempted, shot power, changes of direction, accelerations and decelerations, top speed, and distance covered.

For teams that use the shin guards at the same time, Soccerment’s technology will also enable the tracking of tactical data, displaying the team’s shape, each player’s average position on the pitch, and the distances between players. This will give coaches the opportunity to make tactical adjustments to correct the position of players during a game.

The shin guards are linked to an app, which downloads all the data collected in less than thirty seconds, offering comprehensive insights to the user instantly. The shin guards will also tell the user which professional players in the Soccerment database their playing style most closely corresponds to.

Data analytics is becoming increasingly prevalent at the elite level of football, and Soccerment’s mission is to increase the adoption of analytics at every level of the sport, from Champions League clubs all the way down to the grassroots of the game.

Soccerment’s team of data scientists and hardware experts have spent years developing the product, using trials with former Champions League players, current professionals, and amateur players, to better understand the patterns that differentiate, for example, a shot from a pass. Soccerment’s team then trains algorithms to interpret that in the collected data so that users can better understand and analyse their own games.

Aldo Comi, CEO of Soccerment, commented:

“Soccerment was founded by people who love the game of football, and who want to see data made available to every fan of the game, wherever they are in the world. While data is becoming more prevalent in football, we are still only scratching the surface of what is possible. We always wanted to develop technology that will help everybody: men’s teams, women’s teams, academies, or even a group of friends who play together in the park every weekend.”