Strava data provides insight into marathon training

12 Apr 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

Strava, the social network for athletes, has revealed insights into the London Marathon from race and training data taken from 2016 London Marathon runners. 

The race day data taken from 6,464 Strava runners shows that on average runners in the 35-44 age group posted the fastest finishing time, this was followed by the 45-54 age group who finished in three hours 56 mins with the youngest age group (under 25s) in third, with an average finish time of three hours 59 mins. 

The 25-34 age group (the same age group as the majority of the elite field) was one of the slowest, with the 55-64 age group only marginally slower by 15 seconds.

Across all age groups the average finish time for female runners was four hours 23 mins, with the average finish time for men being three hours 48 mins.

The data reveals that the fastest mile was mile four across male and female runners whilst women had their slowest at mile at 22 and men at mile 25. Running quickly at mile 4 is possibly an indicator of new-found freedom from the crowded early miles allowing runners to ramp back up to their planned target pace. Female runners recording their slowest mile earlier than men might show different pacing or nutrition strategies.

London runners showed themselves to be very chatty, and engaged widely with the Strava community. In training, they took 23k photos, received over 1.75million Kudos and commented 181k times.

Strava has a million new members signing up every 45 days, and around eight million activity uploads put on the platform each week globally. In 2016, globally, Strava runners uploaded 86.7 million runs, with the UK contributing 16.9 million of the runs covering 132 million km.