Tapestry uses CGI For Football Manager 18 promotion

10 Nov 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

Tapestry, a creative media production agency based in London, have worked alongside Sports Interactive to create Football Manager's packaging and marketing material for the upcoming Football Manager 2018 launch.

Football Manager is offered as three different variations; Football Manager (PC), Football Manager Mobile and Football Manager Touch. Last year there was a huge growth in popularity for Football Manager Mobile and Football Manager Touch, which meant this year the team wanted to draw equal focus to all three variations. Tapestry put their photography, retouching, CGI and artwork teams to work to achieve the final result.

Firstly, the stadium had to be created. This was rendered with Cinema 4D, using photos of other stadiums as a reference point in order to ensure the proportions were exact. The crowd was created by using sections of different photos which was later edited to ensure everyone was wearing the same colour.

Once the stadium and crowd were built, the front benches were created and these needed to be populated with players.

As the model stadium was created by entering in the exact measurements of a real stadium, it was possible for Tapestry to enlarge the bench and build a life size replicate.

Players were then needed to populate the bench, Tapestry and Sports Interactive stepped in and put their modelling skills to the test. They all took their places on the makeshift bench in Tapestry’s studios and the best poses were then stitched together using Adobe Photoshop to create the final bench.

Using CGI to create the backdrop rather than a static image helped generate the final parallax result with After Effects. A parallax consists of one focal point image with a distant background that can be viewed from two different viewpoints. Switching between the two viewpoints creates a 3d rotating effect, adds depth to the image and makes a more engaging post when used across social media.