Technogym launches SKILLROW

13 Mar 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

Technogym has announced the launch of SKILLROW, the first indoor rowing solution designed to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities.

SKILLROW has been designed to provide the feeling simulating rowing on water, resistance follows the natural curve of the stroke in the water and with AQUAFEEL, the resistance is gradual, making the movement fluid throughout and avoiding the backlash effect on the lower back.

In addition, Technogym Neuromuscular Training (TNT) a new methodology developed by Technogym compiling high intensity workouts aimed at improving sports performance.

TNT has been developed by Technogym’s Scientific Department in cooperation with professional athletes and research institutes. It offers specific exercise routines designed to stimulate both the neuromuscular and the metabolic components of performance through specific cadence variationsproviding:

The Multidrive technology (patent pending) enables users to add a further resistance. This makes it possible for users to change the equipment mode from cardiovascular training to strength and power training by adjusting the resistance level on the easily reachable lever meaning users don’t need to dismount to change settings.

By setting the resistance at low, medium or high, users can perform the rowing movement with additional load or to execute power exercises.

Moreover, the Multidrive technology makes it safe to perform triple extensions (targeting hips, knees and ankles) with explosive forceful movements in the push off phase to use as part of a wider training regime.

With the Skillrow app users can enjoy a digital experience which includes a variety of training programmes and tools to offer users training guidance which are part of the TNT.