Tellyo unveils new updates

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

Tellyo, a web-based video production, editing, streaming and distribution platform, has announced the release of its new user interface (UI).

Inspired by feedback from its customers, Tellyo has designed the new UI to give more power to the user by accelerating video production and enabling greater collaboration.

Tellyo has said it is "confident its new UI will reset the benchmark when it comes to user experience.”

The company’s development process has resulted in new ways to manage social publishing rights, and a new project feature designed to boost productivity and make collaboration much easier. A brand-new user guide now underpins the UI, providing an accessible knowledge base.

Through feedback, Tellyo was also able to learn how customers used its platform on differently sized screens and on re-sized browser windows, with the new UI now more responsive in design.

Optimised workflows – such as editing and sharing now completed on one screen – mean less steps in the video production and distribution process. Productivity receives a boost with our new projects features, which introduces automatic saving of work on live content, so as you switch between tasks previous work is always as you left it.

Repeatable project templates can be shared with colleagues and re-used to speed production and collaboration. Extra rulesets make it easier to manage social publishing permissions and access. More responsive design for users who tend to work on differently sized screens and in re-sized browser windows. In addition, a new user guide places how-to guidance at customers’ fingertips.

Tellyo CEO, Richard Collins, said: “Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to what customers using Tellyo had to say. There were themes they kept coming back to: accelerated production through optimised workflows and greater collaboration between teams.

“Customer feedback also reflected a shift in the market towards companies like ours that have a robust development roadmap. The new design will help us to develop our platform further, ensuring greater fluency when adding new features required by our customers. All of which we’re able to do in-tune with rapidly evolving digital channels and markets.”