Wednesday, April 13, 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

Automated youth sports video camera start-up Trace has raised US$47m (£36m) in series C funding, bringing its total funding to $65.2m (£50m).

Pelion Venture Partners led the round with Lakestar, Toba Capital, and NextGen VP participation. The new funds will allow it to continue building on its technology and expand its reach into new markets, beyond its current portfolio of soccer, baseball, and softball.

Parents, players, and coaches want to quickly see their moments from a game without rewatching hours of game footage while fumbling around with editing software. Trace is a solution that automatically records and delivers personalized moments for each player hours after a game.

Using Trace's wide-angle camera and proprietary GPS sensors, Trace captures the entirety of a game. The camera can be left to capture the game all on its own, eliminating the need for anyone behind a recording device. Using advanced AI, Trace analyses all of the footage and performance metrics to edit and assemble a personalized game experience.

The system detects each time a player is involved and bundles this into a video package that can automatically be sent to athletes, coaches, and parents who want to analyse their game or simply relive a moment.

CEO of Trace, David Lokshin, said, "Players want to see themselves, and parents want to safeguard their children's best life moments. We let Sarah, and her parents, watch all her plays in the game without any additional work or effort. You don't have to record, you don't have to do any editing, Sarah can sit back after the game and watch from her perspective, moment to moment, memory to memory.

“We're extremely proud to serve more than a million athletes today and eliminate the barriers to capturing and editing game footage. And whether you're looking to play in college or just getting started with a sport, Trace will keep the moments that matter most to you one click away.”