WTA and Qualtrics survey players on 'return to play' sentiment

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

The WTA has teamed up with SAP company Qualtrics in a bid to understand how their players felt about returning to play after the sport’s restart.

The league says the collaboration, which first started during lockdown, will help it understand what actions were needed to take in order to resume the season safely. According to the WTA, leveraging Qualtrics technology allowed it to understand and act on player and staff feedback. 

“In a time when the thoughts, opinions and trust of each stakeholder are paramount, SAP and Qualtrics have given the WTA a new pathway to gather critical data from our players and staff so we can optimize our Tour operations,” said WTA President Micky Lawler. “With smartphones and social media today, it’s never been easier to document feedback. The technology of Qualtrics gives us the opportunity to harness responsiveness, identify key insights, and apply them decisively.” 

With questionnaires distributed to players and staff, the WTA says it was able to act on feedback, where players revealed their thoughts on what the return to playing has meant for them, the changes they've experienced due to the pandemic, and how they’ve been able to adapt. 

According to the WTA, 68% of players stated that their love for the game was one of their top two motives in returning to play, while other factors such as financial, ranking, and legacy concerns were also high in their thoughts. 

Since returning to compete in front of empty stands, players also described atmosphere, energy as the elements they miss most.