Gerhard Fourie

General Manager, Global Brand Strategy and Management

Gerhard has been the General Manager for Global Brand Strategy and Management for Nissan Motor Company since 2011. In his current role, Gerhard is responsible for Nissan’s global brand strategy, working with teams in markets around the world to bring Nissan’s brand position to life and help share its vision on a global platform. His team is constantly looking ahead to ensure the company’s identity and strategy connects with its customers. In the last 18 months he has helped to create global partnerships, including teaming up with the UEFA Champions League.

Gerhard was born in South Africa and studied industrial and applied psychology at the University of Johannesburg. He has always been interested in consumer behaviour and marketing. Throughout his career with Nissan he has been involved in functions from product planning to brand management.

He joined Nissan South Africa in 1994 working in dealer development and product marketing. In 2001, Gerhard was seconded by Nissan to the global advertising agency, TWBA, to manage the Nissan account, overseeing the creation of advertising, events, and sponsorship in South Africa. On his return to Nissan in 2003, Gerhard was promoted to General Manager for Marketing and Planning, a role that he held until 2007. It was then that he moved to Japan to work from Nissan Motor Corporation’s headquarters, taking on responsibility for brand management, advertising, and sponsorships in emerging markets.

In 2011 he was promoted to his current role as General Manager of Global Brand Strategy and Management and continued to work from Japan until his relocation to London in August 2013.