Each one of our esteemed Coaches is a highly experienced leader in their field, and behind every leader is a journey in business, life or sport that has earned them great success, but also times of hardship. We asked each Coach to name a key attribute they look for in a future leader and you can learn a lot about their respective journeys from their chosen word.

The sport industry not only requires great leadership but also responsible leadership. There is no greater time in sport, politics, business and society as a whole for a new breed of leader and this is our industry’s opportunity to identify, reward and nurture our next generation.

Our 2016 Sport Industry NextGen Leaders have shown us just how professional, diverse, collaborative, inspiring and encouraging the next generation can be, so we cannot wait to see where this next year will take us.

Nick Keller, Founder & Chairman, Sport Industry Group

David Grevemberg

Leon Mann

Kate Robertson

Gail Emms

Sir Keith Mills

Alastair Campbell

René Carayol

Brie Rogers Lowery

Craig Preston

Maggie Alphonsi

Steve Swanson

Alexandra Chalat

Matt Kepple

Alexandra Willis

Charlie Boss