Sport Industry NextGen is free to enter.

Once you have submitted your contact details below, you will be able to view the three stage application form, review your progress and come back later if required. If you need to update your contact details (below), and for all other queries, please contact Emma Claggett on [email protected] or +44 207 240 7700.


  • You must be 30 years old or younger on 31st December 2019
  • You must enter on your own behalf
  • You must be currently based in the UK and available to travel to London on occasion


The Selection Committee are looking for:

  • Experience in the sport industry, relative to their level and organisation
  • An understanding of the importance of good governance and/or responsible leadership
  • Examples of demonstrable leadership qualities, relative to their level, or clear signs of their leadership potential
  • Evidence of what they have done to stand out from their peers
  • The ability and potential to work with, engage, and ultimately improve a group of Sport Industry NextGen Leaders
  • Awareness of current trends, issues and/or challenges within the sport industry

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