21 Apr 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

The ATP and WTA have joined forces to launch ATP WTA Live, an all-in-one mobile app for the modern tennis fan. It marks the latest in a series of strategic collaborations to unify the fan experience and storytelling across the Tours.

We caught up with the SVP Brand & Marketing at ATP & WTA, Dan Ginger, to find out more…

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role at ATP & WTA.

Dan Ginger, SVP Brand & Marketing at ATP & WTA. In my role, I lead a talented team of more than 35 marketers across a range of disciplines, from brand and tournament marketing to social, editorial and analytics. We also operate an in-house creative studio. The team is responsible for the marketing of ATP, WTA and the respective Tours, as well as servicing the needs our members (Tournaments & Players), to provide them with tools and resources required to market themselves.

What is ATPxWTA Live?

An all-in-one mobile app which brings tennis fans closer to the game than ever before, featuring real-time updates, scores and stats, and behind-the-scenes content from across the ATP and WTA universe. The new app enables fans to keep up with official scores and results across the men’s and women’s games, all in one place.

Why is this different to other tennis apps out there?

ATP WTA Live is the official home of the Tours. It will offer fans unrivalled access to both Tours, including the latest behind the scenes content, helping bring them closer to the sport. All of this has been packaged up in a slick and seamless user experience.

What was the motivation behind unifying both tennis tours under one app?

We’re one sport with the same fans and our digital ecosystem needs to reflect that. ATP WTA Live has been launched to make it easier for fans to follow the Tours in one app. It marks another important step in the strategic alignment between the ATP & WTA, that aims to create a more consistent and premium product for our fans.

Did you take inspiration from any other mobile apps from outside of the tennis world?

Our team went through an extensive research process, looking at hundreds of apps from within and outside the sports world. This helped us define what we consider best in class functionality to be. This gave us a solid foundation for ATP WTA Live, upon which we could build the key features that make the tennis fan experience unique.

Do you think tennis has stayed up to date with the digital world, especially compared with other sports?

We have a lot of respect for what other sporting entities are doing in the digital space, and the innovation that’s ongoing in the industry. Looking beyond right holders, clubs and individual athletes are really starting to reap the rewards from investing in this space, creating more value for their fans, followers and partners. It’s fair to say that tennis hasn’t always been a pioneer in a lot of these instances, but it is a huge priority area for us. You can expect to see a lot more from the Tours in the not-too-distant future as we build off the launch of ATP WTA Live.

How can this app help grow the sport and its following?

It starts with better understanding our fans, also within the context of shifting societal norms. We’ve undergone extensive research the past 12 months and have learned first-hand that we are one sport with the same fans. Most tennis fans don’t differentiate between the ATP or the WTA, or the Slams for that matter. They are interested in following tennis. Therefore, we need to build our digital and social ecosystem to reflect that and help reduce the fragmentation with our sport. It’s about making it easier for fans to follow tennis.

For us, it would make little sense to view men’s and women’s tennis as competing with each other. We need to present the sport in a manner that reflects the way our fans see the world, which ties back to our brand strategy for tennis – to be the leading example of equity and inclusivity in international sport. ATP WTA Live is a small step in that journey, but a hugely important one.

What is the vision for the future of the app? Do you see it developing further?

We’re just getting started. Phase One was to create a product that made it easier for fans to follow the Tours in one app. Phase Two, already underway, will focus on continuing to improve the fan experience. This could include any number of things, from more exclusive content, streaming, or data visualization to gaming or enhanced personalization. Now that we have the platform in place, we have the freedom to build and explore. Whatever we do will put the fan experience first.