01 Jun 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

'Shot of the Month' is brought to you by Sport Industry Awards partner Shutterstock. In this ongoing image-led series, we turn the spotlight on those behind the lens. Telling the story of the standout photos that grace newspapers, magazines and digital screens around the world from the photographer's point of view.

Javier Garcia, Shutterstock Sports Photographer 

The FA Cup is the pinnacle of British Football, with clubs across all leagues coming together to compete for the chance of being crowned winners of the tournament. This year, the final was a nail-biting affair, concluding in the seventh ever penalty shoot-out.

The blues held up a good fight, but Mason Mount and Cesar Azpilicueta failed to deliver under the pressure, resulting in Liverpool taking home the trophy. Regardless, both teams held their own during the match, with neither succumbing to the opposition's constant shots on target. However, 120 minutes later, both teams failed to score, resulting in the ultimate penalty shootout showdown, which emerged in another win for Jurgen Klopp.

Getting the perfect image during a penalty shoot-out does appear like a straightforward affair given how it seems like time stands still, but what is so important is capturing the atmosphere, or lack thereof. The sudden, pin drop silence in Wembley is an experience that is hard to capture with words.

Every year, the winning shots are my favorite. The joy radiating from the players and the fans is incomprehensible. This year, however, the red flares provided the perfect backdrop!