Meet the Shortlist 2021: Active and Wellbeing Award

17 Aug 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

The Sport Industry Awards 2021 will see the industry’s biggest night of the year return to Evolution London on Wednesday 8th September, and will also be the 20th anniversary of the event.

Ahead of the night, we’re taking a look at this year’s shortlist, to see who might be returning home with the famous trophies on the night.

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The Active and Wellbeing Award is an award for those who’ve helped us stay physically and mentally healthy, those who kept us fit and kept us going. Whether that be lunging in front of our TVs, tying the laces on our running shoes, or cycling through the Alps from our lounges, or more.  

Read on to see the shortlist below...

HSBC UK & British Cycling - Our Cycle Hub

HSBC UK launched Our Cycle Hub, British Cycling’s gamified engagement mobile app designed to support colleagues back onto their bikes in July 2018.

In March 2020, following the lockdown in the UK and the shift to a remote workforce for the bank, the role of the app broadened to support the physical and mental well-being of employees, and to minimise the sense of disconnection and loneliness they may have been feeling.

The success of the app saw more than one million miles recorded, 292,965 activity posts logged, and 9,600 members active - and led to the renaming of the app.

By February 2021, Our Cycle Hub became the Get Active Hub and was repositioned internally as the health and well-being community for HSBC UK employees.

LTA - Tennis at Home

Launched shortly after the Government’s introduction of social distancing measures, the LTA’s ‘Tennis at Home’ content provided people and families up and down the country with innovative ways to keep active, healthy and entertained at home.

Responding to lockdown, the governing body for tennis in Britain made its LTA Youth educational resources available to both parents and teachers, to support children’s education at home via free content designed to develop children mentally and physically. 
The at-home resources were then officially recognised by the Department of Education and were placed on the Government’s official list of online education resources for home learning for primary school children.

The LTA also filmed at-home fitness content to encourage people to stay active and organised free virtual live inclusive coaching sessions for families.

Across its channels, the LTA reached over 1 million web page views and reached over 1.2 million people over the first lockdown in 2020.

Lucozade Sport - Keep Us Moving

As the nation went into lockdown, Lucozade Sport wanted to understand how they could provide ‘genuine, credible and relevant’ support in difficult and uncertain times.

With the brand’s mission to help people be more active, a simple conversation with a personal trainer sparked an idea at the brand: could it support the thousands of personal trainers, coaches and instructors who were no longer able to work and do what they do best, keep the nation active?

In the space of two weeks and with the help of two-time heavyweight world champion, Anthony Joshua, the brand launched its ‘Keep Us Moving’ initiative. 

At the heart the campaign was an initial £100k fund that fitness professionals could apply for. The ask was to record a 15-minute home workout, to showcase their expertise. Successful applicants would receive £1,000 for their video, and Lucozade Sport would hand over their social media channels to hero their content.

Sport England - Join the Movement

When COVID-19 hit, it had a catastrophic impact on people’s ability to be active at the time it was needed most. As the public’s lives became more sedentary, isolated and anxious, Sport England wanted to help people develop the physical and mental resilience that would help them cope with the virus and lockdown while encouraging them to stay home and save lives.

As an arms-length body, Sport England had an authoritative role to play in translating government regulations while providing industry-leading advice and guidance. The Join the Movement (JTM) campaign was born, with above the line marketing signposting to an online hub with exercise content for all ages and abilities.

Reaching 37 million adults between April and July, the campaign encouraged people to move by normalising the fact people like them were taking part. Four in ten people who saw the campaign increased their activity frequency or effort as a result.

Sure - #MoveMoreAtHome

In 2020 the world stopped moving, and hit by the impact of lockdown, freedom of movement was threatened for all. 

Armed with its new purpose to give people the confidence to move beyond their limits, Sure launched #MoveMoreAtHome, built entirely around getting people to move more in their homes.

With the simple idea to connect everybody and create a community of motivation and inspiration – via talent, challenge-based content, and engaging tutorials – Sure championed a happier, healthier lifestyle driven by movement. 

MMAH has since inspired over 2 billion people to move more, according to the brand.

The FA - Heads Up

Spearheaded by The Duke of Cambridge, Heads Up was a season-long partnership between The FA and Heads Together that harnessed the power of football to change the conversation around mental health, with a particular focus on male football fans in the UK. 

Throughout the extended 2019-20 season the campaign leveraged the biggest moments in domestic football to place mental health top of the agenda, partnering with the Premier League, the EFL, the UK Football Associations and the women’s professional game at key moments.

The campaign galvanised direct action around mental health, and aims to leave a lasting legacy with the Mentally Healthy Football Declaration - a commitment from all UK football to embed mental health within the game for generations to come. 

115 matches were dedicated to Heads Up, including the Heads Up FA Cup Final, generating 4,000 pieces of coverage, and widespread endorsement from current and former players and over 150 clubs.