04 Jul 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

Sport Industry Socials is an exciting new series of informal networking opportunities happening throughout 2022. Each event will focus on trending topics and is ideal for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and network at the same time.

In the first Sport Industry Socials event of the year - entitled 'Finding A Fanbase' - leading figures representing sports on different stages of their journeys discuss the challenges of finding and retaining fans in a crowded marketplace.

Representing the youngest sport on the Sport Industry Socials panel is the eSkootr Championship (eSC), a brand-new electric scooter racing series that debuted this year, with its inaugural race taking place at Printworks London.

Heading up eSC, alongside former racing driver Khalil Beschir, is co-founder and CEO Hrag Sarkissian. A self-proclaimed “mobility advocate”, Sarkissian says that the ultimate aim of eSC is positioning the sport and the championship as an accelerator for the sector.

Sarkissian commented, “I’m looking forward to attending Sport Industry Socials and sharing knowledge and fresh thinking with other panellists in what is an incredibly exciting year for eSC and emerging sports generally.”

The first Sport Industry Socials event ‘Finding A Fanbase’ will take place at The HKX Building in Pancras Square on Thursday 7th July. At present, attendance at Sport Industry Socials events is only open to Sport Industry Members. Click HERE to find out more about Sport Industry Membership.