10 May 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

'Shot of the Month' is brought to you by Sport Industry Awards partner Shutterstock. In this ongoing image-led series, we turn the spotlight on those behind the lens. Telling the story of the standout photos that grace newspapers, magazines and digital screens around the world from the photographer's point of view.

Dave Shopland, Shutterstock Sports Photographer

On April 24th, Tyson Fury proved yet again that he is the ultimate boxing champion when he retained the WBC heavyweight title against Dillian Whyte. Fury stopped his challenger in his tracks by delivering a knockout blow, allowing Fury to remain unbeaten. The final punch came in the sixth round. If you were in the arena but were unable to see it, you definitely would have heard it.

The atmosphere was electric. The gasps and cheers of 94,000 people echoed around Wembley to celebrate the finale of one of the biggest clashes in the history of British heavyweight boxing.

The main challenge when photographing a boxing match of this magnitude is capturing the actions at a long distance. Ringside has an extremely limited capacity to reduce the distractions for the fighters and therefore we’re often required to capture the action from far away. Ensuring you have the correct equipment is the first step, but it is far more important to be able to predict the fighters’ next move. You must study each fighter’s signature moves to pre-empt what’s coming next and secure that perfect shot. 

When photographing Fury, it’s important to recognise his huge range of moves that he utilises to tire his opponents and then deliver a killer blow towards the end of the fight. This fight was no different.

A phenomenal ‘final curtain’ for the ‘Gypsy King’!