Aimee Fuller "Fear less, Live More"

22 Nov 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Former British snowboarder Aimee Fuller’s message at the Sport Industry Private Dining Club was clear: find your passion, commit wholeheartedly to it, never give up, and your dreams can become a reality.

The 30-year-old, who had just returned from media duties in Austria and Switzerland, told the audience at M Victoria in London about her journey from being a young girl from Kent to realising her dream of becoming a two-time Olympian, representing Team GB at the 2014 and 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and PyeongChang respectively. 

When asked about what advice she would give to young girls who want to start a career in winter sports she said: “My journey wasn’t straightforward at all so never feel discouraged. When I started, snowboarding wasn’t even an Olympic sport but now there is funding for Team GB, there are opportunities for you if you keep persevering and believing in yourself.

“It’s not the easiest sport to get in to, it is difficult but if you hone your craft and put the work in, as like anything, you can achieve greatness”.

Fuller spoke about her new book that is scheduled for release during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics titled ‘Fear Less, Live More’. In this, Aimee gives an honest account of her experiences with fear and how she manages to pick herself back up again with purpose and an even greater thirst for life. 

Since retiring earlier this year, Aimee is now embarking on a career as an accomplished broadcaster, presenting multiple shows across various networks, hosting her own podcast for BBC Sounds, the Monday Mile, and partnering with brands to deliver fresh and engaging content.

Aimee pointed out that in the future she hopes to see brands take more of a longer-term view of working with talent, investing more in nurturing, and developing young talent and building relationships based on shared values and purpose. She also emphasised that athletes too need to put in the hard work and be patient for brands to start noticing them.

“It’s a two-way street, it has to be a joint effort. The talent has to appreciate and be committed to the brand as much as the brand has to be committed to investing in them”

Aimee cited her work with Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer, who she has worked with for multiple years, as an example of how a longer-term relationship can benefit both parties, building a trust that allows them to create fun, different and engaging content for new audiences.

During the event, which included senior figures from organisations such as Premiership Rugby, Coutts, West Ham United, CAA, ECB, and Sportradar, guests were captivated by her story, her energy, and passion for the future talent of snowboarding and a maturity beyond her young years. With her infectious personality and down-to-earth nature, there is no doubt that Aimee will be continuing to build strides in her career alongside becoming a significant role model to many young female athletes around the country. 

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