Ashes legend Ian Bell joins Neon

30 Jul 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Ashes legend Ian Bell and Nixus Sport & Entertainment founder Nick Hartwell have both been named as new co-founders of disruptor cricket brand Neon, alongside entrepreneur Adam Bolton.

Neon, which began life five years ago, provides cricket kit, padding and bats for all levels of the game, and Bell will become Head of Product Development – bringing with him experience of 287 international matches for England.

“I am genuinely so excited to be part of Neon. Getting a new bat was always one of the most exciting parts of the season and that never changed throughout my career.

“I can say hand on heart that the first time I picked up a Neon bat, I was blown away. Not only were the bats themselves serious pieces of kit, but they also look sensational.

“Before joining I got feedback from a number of very successful people within the game and the feedback was unanimous; everyone loved it. And my kids absolutely adore the bats.

“We have huge ambitions here at Neon. We want this to be the go-to brand for all forms of the game, red ball and white ball, and for men, women, and children alike. I’m going to be involved on a day-to-day basis and we’re all adamant the brand is going to be for absolutely everyone, while at the same time not sacrificing any quality or service.”

Hartwell will join the company as Head of Commercial Partnerships, and will bring with him a wealth of sport industry experience and contacts.