Aston Villa unveils season ticket campaign

21 Mar 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Aston Villa Football Club has launched its 2018/19 season ticket marketing campaign, making supporters the face of the club.

The club’s marketing campaign is driven by data-led personalised messages. By placing the fan at the heart of the activity, the club began the campaign by invoking its ‘Part of the Pride’ moniker, which unites everyone at Villa Park under one banner.

To help drive the campaign forward, the club organised an day for supporters, as well as professional photography and video interviews on the morning of the home game against Burton Albion. The imagery taken from the game forms the centre piece of the marketing activity. The video interviews, shared on the cub’s YouTube channel, allowed fans to get involved and share their opinions on the club’s vision. Increasing the engagement and community feel within the club.

With content created, Aston Villa used its CRM database to identify where fans in the campaign live and where they sit during a game. The club created location-specific billboards on their site and large format graphics on the concourse of the supporters’ seats.

In forming the rest of the campaign, a tailored ’ten town plan’, puts the club in direct communication with fans, by using specific postcode information. The plan identifies ten key areas where support is at its highest, tailored messages are then delivered through OOH advertising and local radio stations. By using this approach, the club continues to deliver innovative marketing campaigns.

Marketing manager of Aston Villa Football Club, Adam Lowe, said: “At Aston Villa Football Club we have been working very hard to differentiate our marketing campaigns. Everything we do at Villa keeps the fan at the heart of the experience, embodied by #PartOfThePride that not only integrates content and commercial messages across the Club, but gives fans a brand campaign they can feel part of and engage with.

“The launch of our Season Ticket campaign for 2018/19 has continued this trend, with supporters being the face of all the creatives used. To take this a step further and tailor our marketing messages, we have a ’10 Town Plan’, which targets key pockets of our supporters based on postcode information.

“To bring our supporters closer, we used our CRM to pinpoint where fans in the campaign live and sit around Villa Park, so that ‘John from Erdington that sits in Lower Holte End’ would see a billboard of himself on our site in Erdington and large format graphics in the concourse by his seat.

“It adds a personal and engaging touch to an otherwise commercially driven campaign, whilst setting us apart from traditional marketing campaign planners. We use data as the fuel behind tailored and emotive campaigns across a full marketing mix, not just digital where the process is far easier for marketers.”