Black Lives Matter - Our Commitment

11 Jun 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Sport Industry Group commits to do better.

We believe that black lives matter and we recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements that black people and all ethnicities, race, abilities, sexual orientation and more have made to sport. Sport thrives because of its diversity, yet much more could, should and must be done to spread this throughout the industry that surrounds it.

At Sport Industry Group, we are lucky to sit at the heart of the sport industry. We recognise that with this position comes a responsibility. While diversity and inclusion has always been important to us as an organisation, we understand we need to do more to be anti-racist.

We have used our platform, most notably the Sport Industry Awards, to highlight some remarkable moments of sport that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Similarly, through Sport Industry NextGen we have been able to celebrate some of the brilliant and diverse rising talent in our industry.

However, we accept that we must do more, must do better and we will take action.

We commit to improving our internal procedures and behaviours as a business and an employer.

We will assess and update our diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities policy; we will educate and train all staff on diversity and inclusion; we will implement recruiting, hiring and retention practices to ensure diverse talent among our staff; and we will assess and update our employee resources and guidance for mental health and well-being. We aim to have an action plan in place for these steps by July 1st.

We commit to introducing new diversity and inclusion criteria to categories at the Sport Industry Awards.

We commit to using our position, communication channels and events as a platform for more diverse voices to be heard and seen.

We commit to always learning, doing more ourselves and helping educate those around us.

We will start this by working with the Sport Industry NextGen Leaders and alumni – the men and women who are the current and future leaders in our society. We want to help them to use their position and influence to make positive changes too.

In the first instance, we are arranging a diversity and inclusion knowledge sharing session for the Sport Industry NextGen Leaders. We will let you know when the session takes place, all relevant outcomes, and next steps in our goal to be an active organisation in the face of discrimination.

We know that we won’t always get it right, but we will keep trying and we commit to do better.

Sport Industry Group