Bloomberg PWR Ride inspires climate action

23 Nov 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

A brand-new concept hit Central London on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th November, as the Bloomberg PWR Ride lit up the Bloomberg Arcade in an adrenaline-pumping cycling event like no other.

The event, created by the team at Square Mile Sport and attended by Team GB’s Laura and Jason Kenny, captured energy using 16 Energym bikes which charged a central battery as participants pedalled their way through an exhilarating 30-minute instructor-led workout. The RE:GEN bike used at the event, founded by UK-based company Energym, is a first-of-its kind static bike featuring a generator unit that transfers the energy input from a person’s workout into stored renewable electrical power. 

Over 250 riders participated across the two days, amassing 32kWh of energy. The power generated from these two days is being donated to London-based charity, Greenhouse Sports, to power their after-school club and helping more than 150 young people receive high-quality coaching and guidance towards developing essential life skills. Each participant was also given a battery pack containing energy created in their PWR Ride session, which they can use to charge their personal items.

Alix Mills, Global Head of Event Marketing at Bloomberg said: “The climate emergency demands urgent action and we all have the power to make a difference. With the Bloomberg PWR Ride, we hope to have demonstrated the impact that taking individual action and harnessing innovation can have on repairing our planet, while giving back to our local community.”

James Hassett, Managing Director at Square Mile Sport, said: “This really was an awe-inspiring event – the very concept of storing energy through human movement is quite revolutionary. Not only is this at the forefront of the future for both fitness technology and social change, but it also enabled Bloomberg’s clients and employees to feel as though they are making a small contribution towards the climate issues we face today.