Bridgestone Becomes Worldwide Paralympic Partner

18 Oct 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) have announced that the tyre and rubber manufacturer has become the organisation’s seventh Worldwide Paralympic Partner.

Already a Worldwide Olympic Partner through to 2024, Bridgestone now has global rights to promote and support the Paralympic Movement over the same period.

As a partner in the Paralympic Movement’s highest sponsorship tier, Bridgestone will receive global IPC rights in categories that include tyres, tyre services, self-propelled bicycles and a variety of building and industrial products.

IPC president, Andrew Parsons said: “We are absolutely delighted that Bridgestone will become the IPC’s seventh Worldwide Paralympic Partner and believe the company’s ‘Chase Your Dream’ message enjoys perfect synergy with the aspirations of the Paralympic Movement and the IPC. 

“Part of the IPC’s vision relates to Para athletes achieving sporting excellence, in effect people with a disability chasing their dreams through Para sport at all levels of competition. By working together, I hope we can empower even more people around the world to chase their own dreams.

“This agreement is also the third of its type since the new IPC IOC agreement was signed in March, showing the benefit of the two organisations working together in this area.”

Masaaki Tsuya, chief executive officer and representative executive officer, Bridgestone Corporation said: “Bridgestone is honored to become a Worldwide Paralympic Partner and further support the IPC’s important mission to create a more inclusive society through Para sport. 

“Bridgestone is committed to improving the way people move, live, work and play, and our company’s core values of service and diversity are reflected in the Paralympic Movement. 

“Together, we will celebrate the world’s most remarkable athletes and inspire people of all abilities to chase their dreams.”

News of Bridgestone’s partnership follows the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) long-term agreement where top-tier Olympic partners will receive automatic global rights to the Paralympic Games from 2021. Bridgestone has been a member of the IOC TOP Programme since 2014.

Speaking exclusively at the Sport Industry Breakfast Club in September, Andrew Parsons voiced his support for the joint marketing programme between the IOC and the IPC

He said ““In summary, this agreement brings more money, clarity and activation”.  

The next Sport Industry Breakfast Club will take place on 7th November featuring senior industry figure Garry Cook, who will be sharing his significant leadership experience from Nike, Manchester City Football Club, UFC and now as executive chairman of esports company Gfinity.

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