CWC 2007 to make $239m profit

25 Apr 2008

By: Sport Industry Group

The Cricket World Cup, which began this week in the Caribbean, is expected to line the coffers of the International Cricket Council to the tune of $239m in profit.

According to the ICC, revenues derived from sponsorship, media rights, ticketing and merchandising will amount to the $239m figure, making the 2007 World Cup one of the most profitable in the organisation’s history.

The monies are set to be distributed amongst all of the cricket-playing nations with a large bulk of the funds set to be used by the ICC to further grow the game in developing countries.

ICC communications chief Brian Murgatroyd said: ‘These profits will come from various sponsorship and television rights deals. But each full member of the ICC will receive $1m from this total. The rest will be distributed among associate members and used for the development of cricket among affiliate members.’

Despite concerns that the venue and logistical side of the West Indies’ hosting of the tournament would not be ready, the organising committee has met all its deadlines with all facilities ready and working on time.