Dark Horses launch sports nutrition bar

07 Jul 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Sport creative agency Dark Horses has launched a new sports nutrition bar, Home Run, in a bid to fuel post-work workouts and help those returning to the office navigate commutes if they aren’t using public transport after lockdown.

The move is backed by Manor Gyms and the Take FL1ght Podcast, and the agency says the idea came from its own staff, whose usual afternoon snacking choices were not offering the most efficient fuel for working out after work. 

Dark Horses say that existing products in the market were not able to fulfil the required needs and so they decided to create their own bar, made from oats, seeds and the gluten-free teff flour. The agency says it is a low-sugar, slow-release energy bar positioned as an alternative to chocolate, crisps and biscuits that many people snack on during the afternoons.

Catrin Tyler, Co-Founder, Home Run, said: “We’re a business filled with sports enthusiasts who all workout after work. However, when we looked closely at ourselves, we noticed our own snacking habits weren’t the best - office life presents a cavalcade of cakes, biscuits and sweets. But when we went looking for a balanced, plant-based energy source made from whole foods that still tasted great, we couldn’t find one. So we thought, we’ll make our own.

"As offices in cities reopen, many people will rightly be reluctant to use public transport, so fuelling their evening workout will be more important than ever. Home Run can be the bar to help people make that transition. It also tastes lovely with a cup of tea.” 

As well as launching the new product, Home Run will also launch the Home Run Commuter Router - a buddy scheme set up for new runners or cyclists who are nervous about navigating their new journey home. 

Commuters looking to join the club will simply need to answer a few questions about their journey and level of ability and they will be matched with a Home Run buddy who will work out their best commute and run or ride with them at a safe distance.

Steve Howell, Creative Partner, Dark Horses, said: “We understand that people may be apprehensive about taking public transport again, but also worried about running or cycling in the city for the first time. And that’s not a good feeling - especially when all you want to do is get home after a long day. Our Home Run Commuter Routers will take all of that stress away.”

Home Run has already collaborated with CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, by creating the ‘Home Run for CALM’ - a charity run from people’s homes raising close to £10,000 for the charity.