DIC looking for Liverpool sale by 2014

23 Apr 2008

By: Sport Industry Group

Dubai International Capital, the investment firm bidding to takeover Liverpool F.C., is planning to sell the FA Premier League club for an immense profit by 2014 according to a document leaked to the media.

According to the document, intended for circulation among possible investors into the DIC consortium, the takeover is meant as a short-term acquisition and sale process as opposed to any lengthy relationship.

The leaked note reputedly reads: 'DIC see their investment in Liverpool as purely a business deal built round the new stadium Liverpool are planning at Stanley Park. When they sell in seven years' time they are hoping to make a huge profit, providing a return of around 25 percent on their investment for every year of ownership. There appear to be no plans to invest in new players.'

DIC plans to borrow around £300m of the £450m required to buy Liverpool and consequently has been actively pursuing new investment partners to green light the takeover.

The document is believed to also detail to potential investors that over the next five years a return starting at 19.3 percent could rise to 29 percent by year five with the new stadium at the heart of the earnings potential.