Dunlop launches #WeAreOne campaign

08 Feb 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Racket sports brand, Dunlop, has launched its new campaign #WeAreOne, following a change of ownership and a new partnership with sister brand Srixon.

Jamie Douglas, Dunlop marketing director said: “We acknowledged that this was the right time to make some noise. We were launching two new tennis rackets ranges, the CX and CV series but there was more to do than just launch the products. We needed to launch a campaign that re-established ourselves in the premium racket sports category.”

Working with the sports marketing agency Brandwave, the brand devised the ”#WeAreOne” campaign, which features Dunlop’s sponsored players including Kevin Anderson, Agnieszka Radwańska and Jamie Murray.

The integrated campaign will appear across digital, print, and a series of video edits.

Dr Jessica Rouse, head of strategy at Brandwave said: “With this campaign, we sought to take a step away from the typically product led and technical athlete led campaigns. #WeAreOne seeks to connect each player to their racket, highlights the new Dunlop Srixon partnership and articulates the brand’s tennis community values.”

Douglas concluded: “This campaign is all about refreshing the brand in an authentic way. Capturing amateurs and professionals performing the same rituals and expressing the same passion once on the court was inspiring. It’s captured what the brand is all about.”