ECB Board approves 100-ball plans

30 Nov 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

The ECB Board has signed off on a new five-year strategy designed to support the future of domestic cricket in England and Wales.

In particular, Board members endorsed and approved next steps related to the proposed new short-form domestic competition, due to be introduced from 2020.

Plans for the 100-ball eight-team event were unveiled earlier this year, as part of efforts to attract new, younger audiences to the game.

The Board has now approved the ECB Cricket Committee’s recommendation of playing conditions for the new event, which proposes for each innings to be 100 balls, with a change of end after every ten balls and an individual bowler able to deliver either five or 10 consecutive balls with a maximum of 20 per game. 

The move will require a new structure for current county competitions, and Board members also approved proposed next steps in the reform process, which will be implemented via the County Partnership Agreement (CPA).  

Commenting on the developments, Tom Harrison, chief executive officer at the ECB, said: “The outcomes for all of this combined work are vital for the growth and sustainability of cricket, at all levels, in England and Wales.

“The game has made huge progress this year, through collaboration, constructive debate and a volume of detailed discussion. 

“The Strategy we have created over the last twelve months will give the whole game clear priorities and allow us to deliver these together. It will guide our investment, drive our relationships, and make things happen locally and nationally.

“The Strategy, Domestic Structure, New Competition and CPA are all interlinked so it is right that we share all the details - together and in context - at the same time across the game. This will happen in the New Year.”

Moving forward, the ECB will now present its full strategy for 2020-24, which encompasses the County Partnership Agreement’s (CPA) role in its delivery, at a series of meetings set for January 2019.