Endeavor Global Marketing rebrands as 160over90

30 Oct 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Endeavor Global Marketing has announced a rebrand, changing its name to 160over90.

The creative agency sitting within the Endeavor network counts brand clients such as AB InBev, Audi, HSBC and Visa and works out of offices in cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Sydney, but has rebranded to take on the name of a Philadelphia-based agency the group acquired in early 2018.

Following years of growth through both organic means and through acquisitions such as Clifford French, IMG Live, RED and 160over90 itself, the group now employs nearly 800 people with expertise in advertising, branding, experiential marketing, brand partnerships, PR and communications.

The agency now says that the natural next step was to introduce a name for the entire portfolio that both differentiates the creative arm of Endeavor with the rest of the wider business, but also unifies the various creative groups that have been brought together through the series of acquisitions.

After discussions between Endeavor CMO Bozoma Saint John and Global Marketing President Ed Horne, the decision to ‘reinvent’ an existing brand within the portfolio was taken, settling on the name of 160over90.

The name itself refers to a heightened blood pressure reading, and the agency says that it wants to underline that excitement and an emotional response is what it wants its work to elicit.