15 Oct 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Envision Virgin Racing has teamed up with COP26 to encourage global action against climate change. The event – which is taking place at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow – will welcome world leaders, businesses, and citizens from 31 October to 12 November 2021.

Envision Virgin Racing’s Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer Sylvain Filippi said: “As the world’s attention is on Glasgow, we are reminded that we have a global platform to showcase the true potential of electric vehicles as we compete in cities across the world.

However, the issue of climate change is not a spectator sport and we each have a role to play. To achieve UN goals, we need to act as individuals, businesses and governments.”

Therefore, we will be announcing a range of initiatives around COP26, partnering with school children, campaigners, policymakers, communities and industry as we seek to engage, motivate and enable audiences to address climate change before it is too late.”

The team will be located with exhibits in the Green and Blue Zones and will lead a series of initiatives across the event and city to engage and inspire positive climate change action. The Green Zone’s main atrium will provide the fitting stage for Envision Virgin Racing to unveil its Season 8 Formula E car for the first time. The Green Zone is open to the public and on Level 1, attendees will get the chance to put their own driving skills to the test as they record their fastest virtual Formula E lap on the team’s state-of-the art racing simulator.

In the Blue Zone, which brings together delegations from 197 countries and hosts the negotiations, the team will be showcasing pioneering new battery technology by displaying its British-designed and manufactured two-seater electric race car in association with Johnson Matthey.

Here, Envision Virgin Racing will also challenge the issue of plastic consumer waste in a collaboration with Glasgow City Council and the ‘Together for Our Planet’ campaign, which has culminated in the creation of a Formula E race car made entirely from plastic waste.

The plastic waste car will be displayed from 1 to 7 November 2021 at Glasgow’s Silverburn shopping centre to engage the local community before being unveiled in the Blue Zone on the COP26 Transport Day which takes place on 10th November 2021.

Using the exciting platform of Formula E and the team’s ‘Race Against Climate Change’ sustainability programme, Envision Virgin Racing aims to inspire generations to tackle climate change. The team will accelerate the UK’s transition to electric vehicles and support UK government targets around decarbonisation and achieving net zero by 2050.