13 Jan 2022

By: Sport Industry Group

The Louvre Agreement, the ESL Pro League partnership between ESL Gaming and 14 of the top teams in CS:GO, has been extended until at least the end of 2025.

A statement from the stakeholders said the agreement – by which the member teams and tournament organiser ESL Gaming have steered the growth of the ESL Pro League since 2020 – had been extended unanimously, and offers the opportunity of expansion over the next three years.

The extended deal sets out the goal of generating higher revenues for each of the member teams, including UK-based Fnatic, as well as committing to expansion in North American.

Stakeholders said the extension also offers a vote of confidence for the recently launched CS:GO Hub, an integrated analysis and coaching tool, as well as a forum where the long-term viability of new joint ventures, such as a CS:GO-focused NFT strategy, can be further discussed.

This builds upon the initial commitment of the Louvre Agreement to establish new structures in order to help stakeholder input and distribute of the leagues’ revenues in a way that supports team stability, as well as exploring commercial opportunities together.

Alex Inglot, Commissioner of the ESL Pro League, said, “This extension was agreed on unanimously, which reiterates the partner's joint dedication to our goals of a peerless competition for fans, a stable environment for teams and players, and an attractive destination for investment. There is so much we can achieve now that we are working on a time scale of 2025 and beyond.”

The news of the Louvre Agreement’s extension follows its recently announced expansion, which saw esports teams BIG and Furia join the partnership.

Image credit: Esports Kingdom / (CC BY 2.0) / Cropped and edited for size.