Everton announces new leadership team

18 Jun 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Everton’s new chief executive officer, Professor Denise Barrett-Baxendale, has unveiled a new-look leadership team, in a move to help the Premier League club reach its long-term ambitions, on and off the field.

The new leadership team will be comprised of nine executive director-level positions, which will be responsible for the day-to-day operations across the club.

Joining the leadership team will be Grant Ingles, who is set to re-join Everton in July to take up the role of finance director. He will be returning to the club after working as head of finance at Everton’s local rivals, Liverpool.

Alan McTavish has been promoted to become Everton’s commercial director, with both him and Ingles forming part of the leadership team in the commercial and financial sectors headed by Sasha Ryazantsev, who recently took on the role of chief finance and commercial officer.

Club secretary David Harrison is to be promoted to the position of director of football operations, while Peter Shaw will join the club as director of operations. Having been at Everton since 2014, Richard Kenyon will take on the role as director of marketing, communications and community.

Finally, Joel Waldron will become Everton’s academy director; Paul McNicholas takes on director of risk and governance; and Kim Healey has been appointed as the club’s people director.

There is still one remaining position on the leadership team, as Everton look for stadium development director.

Barrett-Baxendale, who took over from Robert Elstone as Everton’s chief executive officer on 1st June said: “I am really pleased to be able to confirm what is an incredibly talented and ambitious team. The qualities of those people already present in the team are what we are looking for in the individual we will appoint to the remaining position.

“As a club, it is imperative that we move forward and grow – and I firmly believe this team will give us the opportunity to do that. This is a very experienced, very committed and very able team - a group of people who will be working hard each and every day to make sure we deliver on our club standard of ‘nothing but the best is good enough’.”