Extreme E appoints Head of Broadcast and Technology

16 Mar 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Extreme E has announced the appointment of Dave Adey as Head of Broadcast and Technology.

Adey will bring extensive experience to the role, having served as Network Director, BBC TV, before becoming Head of Broadcast Operations at ITV Digital in the early 2000s.

He has also held senior management roles at BBC Broadcast and Red Bee Media, shifting into motorsport in 2014 when he consulted for Formula E on its inaugural campaign.

In his new role at Extreme E, Adey will be tasked with sourcing and implementing cutting-edge technology to support remote broadcast and race control vision to ensure that the championship can lessen its on-site footprint as it seeks to reduce environmental impact in all that it does.

“The experience gained through our work with Formula E has been a major benefit to us here at Extreme E,” said Adey. “It’s been invaluable in helping us hit the ground running with Extreme E. 

“We know exactly how to get infrastructure like this off the ground from a ‘standing start’. That said, the remote nature of Extreme E will provide us with a new set of obstacles to overcome entirely, on top of those we encountered during the formative years of Formula E. 

“It’s an exciting prospect on a professional level – facing up to issues in locations that are entirely without basic infrastructure. Enabling remote production in places without any kind of mobile data, WiFi or power means we need to start from scratch in each case and we have to ensure we’re self-sufficient and self-contained to prevent an environmental impact whilst creating an event and the facilities to run and broadcast that event.”

Extreme E has said that it plans to implement a series of innovations, with editing and production carried out at the organisation’s London headquarters, which will then be delivered to broadcasters via a world feed. 

It says technologies such as specialised camera equipment and wireless infrastructure will ensure it needs less cabling, while strategic placement of equipment will minimize on-site and freight requirements. 

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “Extreme E is a unique prospect for broadcasters and there’s a significant appetite for sporting competition of the highest level, driven by a sustainable message and a goal of raising awareness of climate change and the human impact on our environments.

“It is an incredibly specialist prospect from an operational point of view. Dave is an invaluable asset in that regard. To be able to lean on professionals of his stature and breadth of experience is key. Having helped deliver a world-class broadcast product from day zero on Formula E, with all the challenges involved there, he is well placed to deal with everything Extreme E will throw our way in the lead up to our January 2021 start-date and beyond.”

As well as live broadcast coverage, Extreme E has also promised it will create a “deep-dive behind-the-scenes documentary series” to cast a spotlight on its drivers, personnel and teams.