Final Premier League rights deal "imminent"

30 May 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

The Premier League is set to sell its final two remaining domestic media rights packages for the next cycle, with the organisation’s executive chairman Richard Scudamore confirming the deal was “imminent”.

According to media reports, the final two packages available are set to go to incumbent broadcasters Sky and BT Sport, despite previous rumours of new bidders entering the process.

Premier League clubs will reportedly sign off on the new deals during their summer meetings early next month.

Earlier this year, Sky and BT Sport secured five of the seven live packages of live domestic rights to the Premier League, with two packages left on the table. 

Sky have paid £3.6bn to acquire four packs of rights totalling 128 games a season - up from 126 matches in the last deal - with BT adding the additional package.

Reversing the trend of skyrocketing fees, the five packages went for a total value of £4.464bn for the three seasons from 2019/20 to 2021/22.

The two remaining packages are Package F, which comprises all 20 matches from one bank holiday and one midweek fixture programme, and Package G - all 20 matches from two midweek fixture programmes.

Scudamore told the BBC: “We are in the process of selling them. We have got different things we can do and we are investigating all of those. It is imminent.”