Former Iris heads launch Homeground

30 Jul 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Former Iris heads Rachid Ahouiyek, Henry Scotland and Nico Tuppen have unveiled Homeground – a new creative sports marketing agency specializing on the intersection between sport and culture.

The three founders previously led the adidas and Barclays football accounts at Iris, and claim ‘a more creative led approach to sports marketing, a shelter for brands from the industry noise and a more authentic reflection of sports culture today.’

Discussing the launch, Rachid Ahouiyek said: “The sports business is dominated by commercial specialists who manage rights not ideas; Homeground is founded by creative and entertainment industry nomads who know the power of sport and sport culture, not sport industry veterans trying out at being creative”.

The agency kicked off work with activations around Manchester United’s new adidas away kit (pictured below), as well as the launch of Homeground Academy, a community outreach programme offering 3-6 month real living wage paid placements to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have fallen out of sport; providing a foot in the door to a variety of potential careers available in the sector.

Nico Tuppen added “So many young people walk away from sport when they realise they can’t be professional athletes, not realising there are other ways to stay inside the thing they love. Homeground Academy will provide exposure to a whole host of other roles that sport can offer.”