Genius Sports Media to offer marketing tools

26 Jun 2019

By: Sport Industry Group

Genius Sports Media has announced a new suite of data-driven fan engagement services for brands and publishers to find new ways to connect with audiences.

The end-to-end digital agency service has been made available for sportsbook and gaming operators, sports rights-holders, brands and digital publishers. The new marketing tools are designed to make it easier for advertisers to tailor the content and delivery of their campaigns around the sporting calendar

Genius Sports’ sister company, Betgenius, has offered marketing tools for a number of years, but this is the first time that various services have been housed within Genius Sports Media.

Brands will be able to embed relevant content such as real-time statistics, betting odds or video highlights into their creative, with Genius Sports Media stating the service will eliminate “scattergun marketing”.

Instead, brands will be able to deliver personalised messaging, with the digital marketing channels supported by bespoke, proprietary technology to maximise efficiency of ad spend.

Genius Sports Media has also launched a broad portfolio of live data-driven widgets for digital publishers to engage with audiences, drive advertising revenue and take advantage of the growing opportunities presented by sports betting content. The widgets will include a full, easily-integrated odds comparison service and affiliate marketing programme.

Genius Sports Group Chief Executive Mark Locke said: “We have been helping brands acquire customers for well over a decade and have subsequently built an understanding of how and when sports fans engage with media that simply can’t be replicated by traditional agencies.

“Using this expertise, in combination with our rapidly expanding live data portfolio, advertisers targeting sports fans can instantly connect with them in real-time to build stronger relationships that significantly increase conversion rates.

“By unifying these capabilities with our new suite of publisher products, Genius Sports Media both extends and optimises the services we can provide for brands and publishers in this highly competitive marketplace.”