Hector Bellerin launches new content studio HIFEN

13 Jan 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

Hector Bellerin has teamed up with B-Engaged to launch a new creative studio and production agency, HIFEN Studios. 

The new offering will work across an array of different projects, from live-event to advertising content, and will also kick off with the launch of a new long-form documentary series on the subject of Bellerin himself.

‘The Unseen Journey’ is a new nine-part YouTube & Facebook series which delves into Hector Bellerin’s 18-month recovery journey from a serious knee injury.

The studio will also provide young creative talent across Europe the opportunity to gain industry experience and propel their careers, while the studio will also take on projects outside of sport, delving into other areas such as music and fashion.

“I am so excited to be part of this, when we were creating the documentary and some of my other recent projects, my mindset started to develop more around the creative process and how we could do more,” said Hector Bellerin, Co-Founder, HIFEN Studios.

“One of the things we are passionate about is helping the next-generation of creatives, whether that’s through opportunities or having them come in and learn from the best in the business, we want to make sure we’re supporting the future.

Ehsen Shah, Co-Founder, HIFEN Studios, added: “We have been thinking about opening a studio for a long-time. After producing the documentary we realised that there was a new opportunity for us with the way the media landscape is changing. B-Engaged has and will always remain specialists in the sports industry. However, launching HIFEN now allows the creative team to transform into a studio and take on projects far beyond just sports. We’ll be working with a wide range of industries such as, entertainment, tech, food & fashion.

“Content production has been at the heart of what we have been doing at B-Engaged for a number of years, now with HIFEN we are able to show our capabilities on a much wider scale.

“Having Hector as a co-founder pays testament to what we are trying to do, he’s incredibly creative. I’m extremely excited about the future and some of the projects we have coming up.” 

B-Engaged says the new venture will enhance its content production, while it will continue to offer its suite of agency across athlete marketing and partnerships.