Intel extends National Student Esports partnership

25 Aug 2020

By: Sport Industry Group

Intel has extended its partnership with National Student Esports (NSE), the official body for university esports, into the 2020/2021 academic year. 

The brand serves as the headline partner of NSE’s British University Esports Championship, the official competition for British universities.

In addition to supporting the British University Esports Championship again in 2021, the extension will see the pair’s Intel FutureGen, a leadership development programme for high achieving student leaders in the esports space, continue for at least another year.

"Intel is proud to support NSE and the British University Esports Championship for another season,” said Scott Gillingham, UK Gaming and esports Lead, Intel UK.

“Through education, new technologies and the Intel FutureGen programme, our partnership continues to nurture British talent. Working with organizations like the NSE is at the heart of our esports strategy and we remain committed to providing esports opportunities for young people throughout the UK."

Jonathan Tilbury, Managing Director of NSE said: “We’re incredibly excited that Intel has decided to extend the partnership into 2021. With 70% of NSE’s audience enrolled on a STEM course, and almost 30% studying Computer Science, Intel brings so much more to the table for students than just its rich esports heritage”.  

The British University Esports Championship saw 1,100 teams and 95 universities compete in the 2019/20 season, making it one of Europe’s largest organised esports competitions.

The move comes after Barclays also became an Official Partner to NSE earlier this year.