IOC, IPC, and Airbnb launch Tokyo Together campaign

20 Jul 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

The IOC, IPC and Worldwide Olympic Partner Airbnb have unveiled an exclusive programme of over 200 Olympian and Paralympian Online Experiences with a new Tokyo Together campaign.

Competing as well as non-competing athletes and famous faces span over 50 sports and 30 countries including refugee athletes, and will be taking bookings from the public.

The IOC says the aim is to celebrate and support athletes, while helping fans feel as close to the action as possible, despite not being able to attend. 

From connecting with competing athletes, reliving iconic moments or discovering new sports, guests will be able to personally meet with a variety of athletes before and after they compete at Tokyo 2020, including the likes of Sky Brown, Jonny Brownlee, and Alice Dearing.

Guests will also be able to relive a personal Olympic or Paralympic story directly with legends such as Scottie Pippen, Brandi Chastain, or Michael Johnson. People will also have the opportunity to explore Olympic culture with Olympian and photographer Ciara Michel, along with a co-host live from the in Tokyo, or with decathlete and artist Slaven Dizdarevic, live from the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The move is part of the wider Olympian and Paralympian Experiences platform, which was launched last year. Airbnb, meanwhile, became a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2019, in an agreement which saw the brand and the organisations named inaugural winners of the Deal of the Year award at the Sport Industry Awards 2020.

“In light of the current circumstances, we wanted to create a unique alternative to bring together athletes and fans while keeping the same sense of discovery and exclusivity,” said Kirsty Coventry, Chair of the IOC’s Athletes' Commission. 

“The Olympian and Paralympian experiences platform is a fantastic opportunity for athletes to build a personal relationship with their fanbase and feel their support, while the platform will also bring the incredible Olympic spirit to people across the globe. As part of our effort to empower athletes at all stages of their career, the positive response to the past year’s activities has indeed confirmed that offering athletes the possibility to host such experiences presents them with new meaningful opportunities.” 

Catherine Powell, Global Head of Hosting, Airbnb, said: “With spectatorship looking different this year, audiences are searching for new ways to support Olympic and Paralympic athletes during Tokyo 2020. Airbnb is all about creating unique experiences that connect people, and Olympian and Paralympian Online Experiences allow fans to feel closer to their heroes than ever before. These interactive activities will provide an intimate window into the Games, all made possible by the 200+ athletes joining our Hosting community this summer,” said 

Andrew Parsons, President, IPC, added : “When the Games in Tokyo were postponed last year Airbnb excelled themselves. The creation of the Olympic and Paralympic Online Experiences platform allowed many Para athletes to not only share their passions with people all over the world but also provided them with a valuable income stream in the absence of competition. Now the most important Paralympic Games in history are upon us and I’m thrilled to see so many Para athletes on the Airbnb Experiences platform, not least the amazing athletes of our Refugee Paralympic Team. I would encourage people to grab this rare opportunity to view the Games up close and personal with the stars of the show.”

While the Tokyo Together curated programme will provide exclusive experiences available only during the Olympic and Paralympic Games period, many hosts will continue to offer their activities after the closing ceremony, as part of the wider Olympian and Paralympian Experiences, on Airbnb. Through their bookings fans will proudly support their heroes as proceeds will provide valuable income to athlete Hosts, during and beyond the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. 

Image: Shutterstock