ISG increases Supponor shareholding

09 Oct 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Interregional Sports Group (ISG) has increased its shareholding in Supponor – the company whose technology is driving the growth of virtual stadium advertising.

Supponor’s DBRLive system is behind the new perimeter solutions being rolled out by Premier League clubs including Watford, Southampton and, most recently, Wolverhampton Wanderers, which announced its adoption of the technology last week.

The system allows for TV viewers in different geographical territories to be shown tailored advertising, different from what fans in the stadium see, thereby opening up potential new revenue streams for clubs.

London-based media group ISG, which specialises in regionalising broadcast strategies, has had a long-standing relationship with Supponor, including activating perimeter rights created through Supponor technology from La Liga and The Football Association. 

Commenting on his firm’s move, ISG Group CEO Chris Buckley said: “We believe that Supponor remains the clear leader in the provision of virtual perimeter advertising and this additional investment underlines that 

“It’s a perfect fit for ISG as a group and we are confident that we can help Supponor grow this market." 

Supponor CEO James Gambrell added: “ISG was built from the ground up to maximise the value of innovative emerging technologies in the sports rights and production sectors which gives them a distinct competitive advantage in delivering on the promise of an emerging industry, one which Supponor pioneered and has long championed. 

“As ISG continues to invest and innovate in deploying and commercialising virtual replacement technologies across an ever-expanding range of global premium sports properties, Supponor is excited that they continue to support our long term growth ambitions and needs.”