Jenas kicks off Beko's Eat Like a Pro UK campaign

16 May 2018

By: Sport Industry Group

Former England footballer Jermaine Jenas has been unveiled as the new UK ambassador for Beko’s newest campaign, Eat Like a Pro, designed to inspire families to eat a little bit more healthily.

The campaign launched its global mission earlier this month, teaming up with Barcelona and its foundation, alongside UNICEF, to help prevent childhood obesity.

The appliance brand intends to help families globally, by working with nutritionists from FC Barcelona to access the eating habits of the players through a new Eat Like A Pro by Beko website. There, parents, children and their families can access a range of activities, healthy eating tips and recipes.

Eat Like A Pro by Beko ambassador Jermaine Jenas, who has 21 caps for England, said: “As a former footballer, healthy eating has always been really important to my lifestyle and it continues to be. I don’t have the professionals behind me anymore, selecting what I eat, and running my training schedule. It’s now down to me.

“As a dad of three daughters and the main cook in the house, I’m committed to ensuring that my girls are getting the goodness they need. And I know first-hand how challenging that can be. I’m pleased to be part of a campaign that not only tackles such a massive global issue but uses football to inspire the next generation.”

Beko plc’s marketing director, Donald Shepherd added: “We’re delighted to be working with Jermaine to build awareness of our new Eat Like A Pro by Beko campaign in the UK. A quarter of 2-10-year olds and one third of 11-15-year olds in the UK are overweight or obese. By producing appliances that incorporate innovative technologies to make healthy eating easier, as well as working to make more people aware of the global issue of childhood obesity through campaigns such as Eat Like A Pro by Beko, we believe that as a brand, we can make a difference.

“Our new products have been specifically designed with healthy eating in mind. From a state of the art Vacuum Blender which retains more nutrients from food, to our Split&Cook ovens that let you cook two different dishes at different temperatures at the same time, making cooking fresh meals easy. We want to ensure we are doing what we can to make healthy eating easier for everyday families at every meal time. As a dad, we believe Jermaine is a great voice to support our campaign in the UK.”