Join the media for Breakfast

21 Apr 2014

By: Sport Industry Group

The Nolan Partners Sport Industry Breakfast Club is delighted to announce its next edition of the content-led, networking event, set to take place on 28th May at the BT Centre.

Following on from the NBA's David Stern and Adam Silver, the next event will feature an experienced, insightful and influential panel including legendary correspondent Patrick Barclay, Guardian and Observer Head of Sport Ian Prior and Daily Telegraph Sports Editor Adam Sills, to offer their own perspective on the business of sport ahead of the FIFA World Cup two weeks later. 

From the diarists working room after room to the investigators poring over financial accounts, and from the World Cup final to a midweek match at the bottom of League Two, no country can boast a newspaper corps as dedicated, feared, respected and renowned as the UK. But from Leveson to the rise of digital media, alternative advertising options and new methods of consuming sport, no industry has faced greater challenges to its traditional way of doing business.

On 28th May the BT Centre will welcome key figures from across the industry as the interviewers become the interviewees at the Nolan Partners Sport Industry Breakfast Club, hosted by BT Sport. 

They will not only examine England's chances on the pitch in Brazil, but will also give unique insight into how we will follow football's greatest global show, how coverage of major events has changed before our eyes, and how the sport industry can engage with a media that shapes the way in which brands, teams, leagues and whole sports are perceived on a daily basis.