LGT Vestra US supports Jags community programme

21 Sep 2017

By: Sport Industry Group

LGT Vestra US, an official UK founding partner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, has announced its partnership of the Jaguars Reward Rows community programme.

The initiative has seen over 500 school children achieve a series of community based objectives and as a result have been rewarded with the opportunity to see the Jacksonville Jaguars play the Baltimore Ravens at Wembley, on Sunday 24th September.

The LGT Vestra US Reward Rows programme encourages children to achieve personal, academic and physical accomplishments, which will be monitored in the following areas; joining in the community; academic improvement; governing behaviour; and sport and nutrition.

Students from Fulham Enterprise in South West London, the first school to be involved with the programme, were given the good news via a surprise video message from Jaguars offensive lineman Malik Jackson, played out during school assembly. Former Jacksonville Jaguars legend Tony Boselli, the first ever player selected by the Jaguars in the NFL draft, also visited the school to congratulate the winning students in person.

Last year, 186 Reward Rows participants were awarded their tickets to Wembley Stadium, this year participant numbers have grown five times that with over 500 children going to watch the Jaguars v the Ravens on Sunday 24th September.

Whilst at Fulham Enterprise, Tony Boselli said: “It’s so good to be a part of this programme and it was really cool to see the look on the kids’ faces when we told them they had been successful in completing the Reward Rows programme. This is what American Football is all about, inspiring and encouraging the next generation - you can’t beat that feeling.”

Paul Nixon, CEO LGT Vestra US said: “Seeing so many participants complete the LGT Vestra US Reward Rows programme and sending them off to Wembley is a really exciting moment. We look forward to continuing our work together with the Jacksonville Jaguars to deliver the outreach projects and develop American football at a grassroots level.”

Senior vice president, international development for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Hussain Naqi added: “LGT Vestra US Reward Rows programme sits within a range of initiatives we have created to engage and inspire young people in the UK, particularly through participation in sport. LGT Vestra US’s support for our community work continues to be invaluable in allowing us to expand the offering and engage even more children every year.”