Livingstone: No tax increase for Londoners

25 Apr 2008

By: Sport Industry Group

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has reaffirmed his statement that Londoners will not pay any further increase on council tax despite the government’s revised 2012 Olympic budget including an extra £300m contribution from the Mayor’s office.

Livingstone stated that he will not increase the current 38p a week rise on council tax laid out in the original Olympic budget and that the extra funds would come from ‘within the Greater London Authority group’.

Livingstone said: 'Londoners will not pay a penny more than the current 38p a week contribution on the council tax to the Olympic Games.

'Today's announcement delivers that promise. To get the Games for the price of a walnut whip a week is a bargain'.

It is likely that the Mayor will look at the Transport for London reserves and use a £200m loan he has taken out for transport improvements in east London to help find the £300m.

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell unveiled the new 2012 Olympics budget of £9.35bn to the House of Commons yesterday in which the demand of the Mayor’s additional £300m investment was revealed.