LTA launches campaign with YouTuber Chunkz

18 Jun 2021

By: Sport Industry Group

The LTA has launched a new camapaign - entitled 'U IN?’ - which aims to inspire more people to take up tennis this summer.

A 'rallying call-to-arms to people of all ages, sizes, cultures, and skills', the campaign aims to 'trigger a nationwide chain reaction', inspiring the public to take up tennis by 'seeing the entire world as their court'.

The governing body for tennis in Britain says it experienced a 327% increase in court bookings at the start of last summer compared to previous years, with demand continuing to grow in 2021.

The new campaign features a high-energy thirty-second film (above) set on a lively high street and follows a group of eager locals - including YouTuber and entertainer, Chunkz -  as they rush to play tennis.

In addition to the launch film, the LTA will also 'support the British public with the means to play tennis anywhere and everywhere' , with a new initiative called ‘Everything’s a Net’.

“After launching our brand platform ‘Play Your Way’ last year, ‘U, IN?’ will help accelerate LTA’s efforts to open tennis up," said Richard Daish, Marketing and Commercial Director, LTA. 

"The campaign is fully inclusive and leads with a clear invitation to people of all backgrounds and skill levels, to get out there this summer and socialise again through playing tennis their way!”

The campaign follows the LTA’s refreshed commitment to tennis, part of their ‘Play Your Way’ ethos which launched last summer with a campaign designed to challenge the misconceptions of tennis and instead make it an inclusive invitation to people of all abilities everywhere to pick up a racket and have some fun.